Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mango and Raspberry Mousse Cake

It was one of my brother's birthday last sunday and we decided to have a small dinner with some family members. It didn't take me too long to decide what cake I wanted to make. I quickly decided to make mango and raspberry mousse cake. I bought some Alphonso mango pulp a couple of weeks ago at an Indian store and the guy told me that Alphonso mango is very expensive in India. It costs about $4 each. Although the pulp was a little on the pricey side compared to the other type of mango (I forgot the name), I bought it anyway.

I've never tried mango and raspberry combination but I think it would be great. Besides, I really think that the color combination between pink raspberry and bright yellow mango would be very pretty, don't you think?

The morning I was planning to make the cake (I baked the cake base the day before), I was stucked with what recipe I will use. I read a lot of recipes for raspberry mousse from my cookbooks, internet, blogs, and yet I couldn't decide which one that I want. Same thing happen with the mango mousse. I made mango mousse cake once before, a long time ago (in fact, it was the first birthday cake I've ever made) and it was pretty good, but I forgot the quantity I used for that.

Long story short, I had to repeat the raspberry mousse three times and two times for the mango mousse, to get what I wanted. By the way, I didn't use any recipe that I read earlier. I ended up approximating the amount of raspberries/mango, gelatin, sugar, cream, etc. myself. That is why I had to repeat it so many times. I threw away the first raspberry mousse. The second attempt was already completely assembled, but somehow, I wasn't satisfied enough. I thought the raspberry layer was too thick. So, as crazy as I would get sometimes, I decided to make the whole thing all over again. I baked the cake base and start from the beginning for the rasp. and mango mousse. The third one was better. So, what did I do with the first completely assembled cake? I called my friend and asked him to pick it up :).

I decorated it with some fresh berries and mango. The glaze on top of the cake was also flavored with mango pulp. For the sides, I brushed some melted chocolate on an acetate strip using a paint brush and wrap it around the cake. When the chocolate is set, peel off the acetate sheet, then wrap a chcooalte ribbon around the base to cover some imperfection.

Everybody liked the cake (I think). I was pretty happy with the result, tastewise and appearance-wise. I love the bright yellow color of the mango. This is the kind of cake I would choose if I were to buy a cake from a pastry shop. The amount of gelatin I put was just right. The mousse was still soft, and yet still strong enough to hold it's shape. The only thing I would change next time would probably adding a tad more raspberry pulp. Everything about this cake really shouts summer. I just wish that I had better lighting when I took the picture to show you how pretty the color is. It's a little dark on the pictures above. Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to capture the cross section view of the cake, so you can't really see the raspberry mousse that's hidden inside the cake. I can tell you that the color was very pretty though.


arab said...

sweet looking cake. the outside itself already has pretty combination of colors :) too bad can't see what the cross section might be like ^-^

eshyen said...


can you share the recipe of the cake?

please send it to eshyen @ yahoo [dot] com


Lina and Daniel said...


This cake brings back so many memories back..our wedding cake was mango raspberry mousse cake! I would love to make this cake for our anniiversary. I would really appreciate it, if you could share this recipe.

Email: linaanddaniel@gmail.com


lourdes said...

i would like to try your recipe.:) canyou send the recipe to lourdes.celestino@gmail.com?

thanks in advance

lourdes said...

i would like to try your recipe.:) canyou send the recipe to lourdes.celestino@gmail.com?

thanks in advance

Rachel said...

This look delicious!
I would like to make this cake for my boyfriend's birthday. Would it be possible to send me the recipe at: racheldesbiens@gmail.com

Thanks :),

karises said...

Beautiful cake! Would you please tell how you made the chocolate decoration on the outside(email karises@hotmail.com)? Did it go on after assembly? The edges are so jagged and thin! Love it!

Anonymous said...

The cake looks awesome. I was actually browsing through to find a good mango mousse cake recipe for my sons birthday.
Could you please send the recipie to swethatreddy@gmail.

thanks in advance

Moon said...

Your cake looks AMAZING. I was wondering if you could also send me the recipe so I can try it. SeriousSaiken@gmail.com Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

Your baking skills are amazing and this cake looks super delicious. I was wondering if you could send me the recipe. Also where do you come up with your recipe ideas? My email is ctmoon@ucdavis.edu Thank you very much:)

Anonymous said...

your mousse cake looks amazing! please can i have the recipe?

love, joanne

Anonymous said...

Cake is beautiful! would love to get recipe...pterpay@msn.com. Thanks a bunch!

Sarah said...

I would be so grateful if you'd send me the recipe. This cake is exactly what I've been imagining. bemusedinberlin@gmail.com

Anonymous said...


I'd like to have the recipe too, please !!! seranona@yahoo.fr.
Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!looks delicious !!!!can I please please please have the recipi ? Gmarlena19@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Hi! Your cake looks amazing!! May I please have the recipe? Please email me at kimberly.nguyen92@hotmail.com

Bertha said...

I am sorry for the long response. This post is from 4 years ago and I didn't keep track of all the posts. I wanted to post the recipe but to be honest, I don't even know what the measurement I used anymore since it has been that long. If I were to make it again, I will make it differently and be sure to post the recipe. Again, I apologize for this