Monday, February 1, 2010

Strawberry and Pistachio Mousse Cake

This cake followed a few days after the previous cake, which was for another friend's birthday, Annette. This was one of those time that I had no clue of what cake I would make. I guess all my energy was spent on thinking the different components of the previous passion fruit cake :D. I just bought heavy cream on Friday night after work thinking that 99% chance I will need it for whatever it is I will decide to make the day after.

I was hoping that I could use some of the precious stuff I had in the freezer so that I won't have to buy something. I still have a large ziploc bag full of very ripe summer strawberries that I kept since summer and since summer this year is only a few months away, I decided to put them to use. The cake consists of two layer of sponge cake (already available), strawberry mousse for the bottom layer, a layer of cream cheese mousse layer hidden inside the strawberry mousse, and pistachio mousse for the top layer. I made strawberry gelee for the top layer too to brighten the color. The kitchen smells really good when I cut up the strawberries and pureed it, I felt like summer already. And the strawberry tasted exactly just when I bought it in summer, very ripe, juicy, tasty and sweet. The pistachio mousse itself was from pistachio mousseline that I lightened up with some whipped cream and I added more pistachio paste to it.

The end result looked a bit too tall for me, especially for 8" round cake that's not too big. I think the decoration for this cake is very different than my other cakes. I usually like simple, elegant decor, but surprisingly this time, it turned out so bright and cheerful, hahaha.... I did decide to put some red ribbon to match the red gelee and the strawberries on top, making it look even brighter :D. Oh well, in this middle of winter, we all can use some bright color to brighten up our life, don't we? :) Have a blessed week everyone!


Michel said...


Jacelyn said...

Hi there, your cakes are really beautifully made. Can I ask if you temper the chocolate before making the side decors?

Bertha said...

Jacelyn: no, I rarely temper my chocolate, especially for a simple decor. I guess I don't have the patience to wait and clean up the mess :)

Anonymous said...

do you have a recipe for this cake? you decribed a cheesecake mousse inside of the strawberry mousse. im curious to know how to keep the layers from smooshing when you go to cut it? you probably need a pretty firm mousse??

Bertha said...

anonymous: I don't have a recipe for this cake, this was so long ago and I was using a lot of stuff ready in my freezer.
It doesn't get smashed out when you cut into it,and it doesn't need to be really firm. make sure you use a wam knife if you want a pretty cut