Monday, June 18, 2012


The weather in San Jose has been scorching hot lately. I am not complaining really, in fact, I LOVE it! I began to open the window in my room when I sleep at night. My next door neighbor whom we share a fence with, has jasmine plant spreading along our side of the fence facing directly into my room and I love the smell. I just love this time of the year.

So about this cake, this is yet another cake from Mr. Sugino's book, well... almost. I made it for my sister in law's birthday last week, but I just finished it a week later due to the very busy schedule. I felt bad but I started the cake already and the least I could do was to get it done. I knew I wanted to make another Mr. Sugino's cake that uses pistachio joconde (which I already had in my freezer from the previous cake) and I chose Mariee, a strawberry and pistachio mousse cake on top of pistachio joconde. This cake is one of the simpler cakes in the book, which is part of the reason why I picked this one. I also wanted to use up the frozen berries I have in the freezer as part of the late spring cleaning.